OCN NI has a wide range of vocational and technical qualifications available to offer in schools through the Entitlement Framework. We appreciate when it comes to offering an alternative to GCSEs/A-Levels it is important to schools that standards are maintained, ensuring the best opportunities for each pupil.

The qualifications listed below are on the entitlement framework (NIEFQAN File) and are currently being delivered by schools across Northern Ireland. The Level 2 Certificates are equivalent to a Grade B at GCSE. The Level 3 Diplomas are equivalent to a Grade A-C at A-Level. Whilst these qualifications can be counted as part of a school’s GCSE/GCE or equivalent performance measure, it is up to the individual further/higher education establishment or employer to decide whether to accept as a GCSE/GCE equivalent.

OCN NI offers training for staff who are new to assessment and/or internal verification and provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the delivery of any of above qualifications.

Advanced Education • Awarding Qualifications

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