Centre Learning Grants

OCN NI is thrilled to launch its inaugural Centre Learning Grants Programme. 

The new Grants Programme was initiated by the OCN NI Board of Trustees and assists in the fulfilment of our charitable purpose, with the focus of the programme to assist and support OCN Centres and their learners undertaking and/or working towards an OCN NI qualification. Particular emphasis has been given to help those who may be particularly disadvantaged and would not otherwise have had the opportunities to engage in education. The objectives of the grants are to encourage innovation, enhance learning and progression while supporting learners. 

Martin Flynn, Chief Executive commented: “The new grants programme provides a unique opportunity for OCN NI centres to apply for funding that will help our centres innovate, enhance learning and progression and provide additional support to learners they might otherwise not receive.” 

Martin continued: “We will be offering grants from £500 up to £3,000 for specific projects or activities that advance the mission and vision of OCN NI in a way that provides robust evidence of how learning positively impacts on individuals, families, and communities.” 

Paul Donaghy, Chair of OCN NI said: “We are delighted to have been able to develop the Grants Programme in line with the stated aims of our charitable purpose of ensuring the advancement of education for the public benefit. This is a first for OCN NI and I am confident the grants will be of benefit to learners who are looking to improve their career aspirations through OCN NI qualifications.”

Paul added: “The OCN NI centres receiving grants have ambitious educational and business development goals that include learners who have specific financial needs. These grants will be of benefit to learners who are looking to improve their career aspirations through OCN NI qualifications and we are delighted to be launching them this year.” 

OCN NI would like to encourage centres to be innovative in their grant application, by thinking of ways to remove barriers to education for learners, so that they may benefit and access opportunities that may not have otherwise been available to them. 

We look forward to supporting those learners who most need it through this new OCN NI initiative. 

Who can apply for funding? 

You can apply if:

  • You are an OCN NI Recognised Centre
  • You currently have no outstanding debt with OCN NI
  • You have registered learners on OCN NI Qualifications within the last 12 months 

You can apply for funding once every 12 months. 

How much can you apply for?

OCN NI will offer grants of between £500 - £3,000.  All applications will be considered, with special consideration given to centres supporting OCN NI learners who have significant barriers and/or hardship preventing them from realising their full potential through education, for example through economic or family circumstances. 

We do not provide retrospective funding, meaning support for projects that have already taken place.  

What we fund  

Our objective is to enhance educational opportunities for individuals, families, and communities through participation on OCN NI Learning programmes. Through working in partnership with our recognised education and training providers, the centre learning grants will help tackle educational underachievement and remove barriers to learning.  

Funding MUST be used to benefit learners undertaking and/or working towards an OCN NI qualification. 

The OCN NI grants panel has the final say on the amount of funding available for grants and who receives grants.  

Types of costs that we fund include: 

The grant can be used to enable learning for individuals and groups and may cover the costs of any supplementary activities and materials that will help change lives through education and training. In exceptional cases we may award the costs for travel and childcare providers that are registered with the local Health and Social Care Trust. 

If you are awarded a grant, it may be a partial reward and not the full requested amount. 

How to apply for an OCN NI Centre Learning Grant 

You can begin the application process here https://ocnni-centre-learning-grants.grantplatform.com. It must be completed and submitted by 12 noon on Thursday 9th June 2022. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. 

OCN NI Centre Learning Grants Application Guide

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